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Wellfullness 180 Program

My star program!
6-month personalized program consisting of 12 biweekly sessions (2 per month). I will guide and advise you, so that you can fulfill your health goals. We will work on three fundamental pillars for a healthy life: diet, lifestyle and physical activity.

Mind-Body Wellness Program

6-week personalized program consisting of 6 weekly sessions (1 session per week). I will guide and accompany you on your way to improving your diet and leading a healthier lifestyle, so you can achieve your own well-being.

Bodhi Reset Program

28-day group program in which you will learn to change your relationship with food, eat healthier and feel better. You will learn tips for managing stress and leading a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re not sure which is the best program for you, we can schedule a free online consultation to talk about your health goals and about the different programs that I offer.
This session will help us determine which is the best program for you.

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