Often when we feel sadness. fear, shame or any other disliking or uncomfortable feeling, our first reaction is to try to hide and deny the feeling. 

Why? Because we don’t like feeling this way. However, denying our emotions and not paying attention to them can make us feel worse or do things to try to get rid of the feeling immediately, like eating sugary foods, drinking alcohol, smoking, among other things.    

What is emotional acceptance?

Accepting our emotions means to be conscious about them and acknowledging them for what they truly are: only emotions that won’t last forever.

Accepting our emotions is recognizing them without judging or trying to control, change or deny them. 
It isn’t the emotion itself that hurts us, but what we do to make emotions go away. 

Emotions serve a purpose. They give us information about us, about how we feel in the face of various situations that happen to us. Our emotions show us what makes us feel good and what doesn’t. They teach us what we are afraid of and help us discover what we can do in order to overcome those fears. 

Why shouldn’t we ignore our emotions?

  • Ignoring certain emotions all the time makes us become extremely conscious about them, making us vigilant and worried because they can appear any time. Being constantly aware of the emotions that we try to avoid makes us live with them continuously. This also causes anxiety and stress, which con’t let us live in the present moment, because we are always thinking about what is going to happen in the future. 
  • Difficult times are unavoidable, they are always going to happen. Trying to avoid difficult experiences, which lead us to feel in ways we don’t want to, won’t let us live fully. It is important to remind ourselves constantly that the road to success is full of obstacles that we have to overcome to fulfill our goals and dreams.
  • Avoiding our emotions means not being honest with ourselves and the way we truly feel. 

Hiding our emotions prevents us from noticing what makes us feel good and what makes us feel bad. It stops us from discovering and getting to know more about ourselves and from discovering the root cause of why certain things make us feel the way they make us feel. 

Ultimately, hiding our emotions is to deny ourselves the possibility to grow, because only by knowing ourselves and overcoming the adversities that, inevitably, happen, we will truly grow and become our best selves. 

Let’s observe our emotions and accept them, without any judgement and without fighting against them. Let’s acknowledge how we feel and reflect upon why we feel this way. Let’s work on ourselves. Because only by working on ourselves we’ll be able to live fully. 

Embrace how you feel!